a pie in the hand is worth two…

on someone else’s plate?

hand. pie.

In preparation for tomorrow’s Ethiopian feast, this afternoon I was in the kitchen making pie crust. It’s apple pie redux around here, since as far as I can tell, Ethiopian cuisine isn’t exactly rife w/ dessert options. Anyhoo, I was trying out a new crust recipe, which made enough for a double crust. My plan was to wrap it up and use it later in the week, or maybe roll it out and freeze it. But then…then…I had a revelation. I thought to myself: self, you can use this dough to enclose that absurdly delicious apple butter! And so were born Melli’s apple butter handpies. Roll out half the dough, cut circles, plop some AB in the middle, seal them up. Brilliant. Since I also had ~2 cups of sliced MA rhubarb in the freezer, I decided to use that up too. I boiled it down to make an impromptu filling w/ maple and vanilla. I had some help from a bleary-eyed-post-nap sous chef. Handy w/ the teaspoon, that one! Though I suspect he was angling for some extra AB tastes. Clever child.

The rhubarb ones are good, but not revelatory. The apple butter ones, they’re pretty much manna. We had them for dessert tonight, upon which the man said “Mmmmm…I’m glad I put a ring on it”. As he should be, even if it’s only for the periodic distribution of divine treats! :)

So my little side project maybe put us a bit behind schedule. It’s late (for us)…the pie is just out of the oven, the infused butter is bubbling away, and the injera batter is hanging out on the counter. Feeding and friends…can’t wait for tomorrow’s supper!

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