butter and dresses do too go together

Alright folks, I have an announcement to make. I am the proud owner of a wedding dress! Well, sort of. It’s a dress. I own it. It’s too big. Since what I imagine will be my proper size is on back-order until December, I figured ordering a bigger one (and a smaller one, in the event of super vanity sizing) would determine 1) if I liked the dress (I do!) and 2) what my proper size is. So while the one currently hanging in the closet will need to go back, I’m pretty confident that my dress shopping endeavor is now complete. And I never even had to step foot in some salon that employees a woman who is concerned w/ my “wedding vision”. One…two…three…aaaahhhhh. There’s my sigh of relief!

In other big news, we wrapped up the last of the apples. Say it with me…apple butter. Holy hell this stuff is good…and so easy that it’s criminal to call it a recipe. I did it crockpot style, so it just boiled away all night. In a somewhat paranoid move, the man placed the smoke alarm next to the crockpot. Something tells me my chances of ever securing an electric blanket are hovering around zero.

So far we’ve eaten the AB w/ grapenuts, vanilla ice cream, toast, in a peanut butter sandwich, and with a spoon. I’m looking forward to having it w/ some full fat cottage cheese, w/ oatmeal, and on some of the man’s spendiferous sourdough, tartine-style.

Apple Butter
Yield: just over 3 pints

4.5 lbs apples, peeled and finely chopped
2-4 c of sugar (I used 4, but will use 2.5 next time)
1 T cinnamon
1/2 t ground cloves

Mix spices w/ sugar. Blend sugar and chopped apples. Place in crockpot, then cook on low for 9-12 hours. It will cook down significantly. For a smoother texture, process the cooked apple butter using either an immersion- or a plain-old-blender. Pour into clean pint jars, seal, refrigerate.

I’m looking into whether the this can be hot water processed, but not sure about that just yet. Seems like the ph wouldn’t be ok…but what do I know, really.

And b/c I hate a post w/o pictures…my two favorite apple pickers and a yellow school bus.

apple picking bandana?

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