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header hack: boo.

I’m tempted to upload a bunch of stock photos of swishy green binary or ominous Guy Fawkes masks to announce that my poor little site was hacked this week.

header hack by
Thankfully, one of my lady-friends let me know!   I mean it’s quite possible that the above target audience is way into sticky toffee pudding and really not into the world’s oldest profession. It is a heck of a recipe, after all…

Alas, no.

Turns out the header issue isn’t so uncommon — it’s ostensibly the result of something called a ‘password guessing brute force attack’.  Now that I have alerts set up for it, I’m getting tons of notices a day.  I’m not clear on what it achieves, but there must be a reason that people go through the trouble.  Not that that makes it any less annoying.  On the upside, it’s made me reflect more on my own digital security. So hey, plus one!

Anyway, I poked around for a while but wasn’t able to fix it.  Thankfully the Huz was able to get things working again.  Lesson learned — keep your updates updated.    But man,  it really cut into my rhubarb plans.   Plans postponed, but  am now hoping to get out to the farm this weekend and collect a bunch.  Though I probably won’t need the tractor this time around…

headerhack by

happy biological and affective lady-kin day!

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day at chez-us.  It was the first time we’ve cooked for everyone in our new place, which is  uh…belated…since we’ll mark one year next month.  Of course you’d never guess by the look of the stairwells.

Brunch was for seven, which we even had the space and china and linens for! While it was slightly insulting to our former (much snobbier / less tolerable) food-selves,  we relied heavily on casseroles. This is b/c “advanced prep” and “full-time jobs” pair incredibly well together.  So it was Heidi Swanson’s baked oatmeal, which is really wonderful (even if you swear you hate oatmeal), crab mac and cheese, hashbrown casserole, bacon (because i’m a lovely hostess!), and two desserts from Dorie Greenspan — a poundcake w/ strawberries and vanilla ice cream and a coffee ice cream tarte in an almond crust.  Oh, and sangria.  Everything was hot and edible, so I’m labeling it a success. :D I did manage to put on makeup and non-pajama clothes b/f everyone arrived, but I didn’t manage to take any pics of the table or the food.  Suppose I’ll be forced to actually remember it now.

Kind soul that he is, O came sidling up w/ two lovely dicentras (bleeding hearts) for me.  He’s been talking about how I needed one since last summer.  It’s a perfectly symbolic plant for a stepmom, I think.  And I love that it’s a perennial. :) Me and my gardening buddy planted it last night. I also got some excellent “coupons” for “help you make cookies”, which I suspect may have something to do w/ being allowed to lick the beater.