christmas craft wrap-up: magnets

I just decided that I dislike the word “craft”. In both speech and writing, I think it gives the impression of being nutters, as if I’m enthusiastically cranking out Illini fleece pajama pants…or decoupaging sweatshirts.

i'm sure it's useful for something...

But I can’t think of an appropriate substitute term. “Creation”? Too pretentious. “Thing”? Too nonspecific. “C-word”? Too reminiscent of other c-words…like “cats”. Maybe just “project”?

Anyhoo! Magnets! These have a pleasant effort to satisfaction ratio — little:much. When we were gearing up for Christmas, the h-e decided that he wanted to make his mom a chalkboard, one similar to the one he made for us over the summer. While I absolutely dig our chalkboard, I realized that it would be even more stellar if it was magnetic. And so the magnet chalkboard as gift idea was born.

While he worked on the board; I worked on magnets. After all, it’s a pretty decent way to affix grandchildly cuteness to the wall. And bills. It works for bills too, but the kid is aesthetically superior to bills.

Materials List
round magnets
clear “jewels” / flat marbles
Jewel-It glue
craft punch
magazines or decorative paper

I rounded up all the materials from Michael’s, my new favorite hang-out. I chose magnets, marbles, and a craft punch that were roughly the same size. In retrospect, I wish the marbles were a bit bigger, but such is life.

First I cut out the circles w/ the craft punch. The Anthropologie catalogue was super for patterns…and free.
paper circles

I then carefully glued the paper onto the magnets. It took a few tries b/f I could do it w/o making a sticky, streaky, mess.

magnet / glue / paper

After a few minutes, once the paper/glue dried, I put an additional smallish glob of glue in the center of the papered magnet. Again, it took a few tries b/f I figured out the proper amount. I had a few where it oozed over the sides. It’s good that our coffee table hails from Ikea.

blurry gluey magnet

Then I mooshed the “jewel” on top.

check it.

They’re really quick once you figure out a system. In addition to S’s mom, I also made a bunch for the smallfry’s teachers. Nothing like a relaxing breakfast, as I manically glue jewels on magnets, box them up and wrap them…all b/f heading out to lecture. We like to keep things relaxed around here.

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