christmas craft wrapup: gumdrop wreaths

Let me say, when it comes to a hot glue gun, my brother and I really did learn from the best. My mother, the reigning queen of the glue gun, schooled us in the art of molten glue w/ the aid of a gigantic, 80s style, grey and orange gun. I suspect that safety warnings weren’t de rigeur during our childhoods, so perhaps we’re lucky that we didn’t lose more skin. Though what we lost in flesh, we gained in sheer synthetic awesomeness. In my 9 year old mind, gumdrop wreaths were the best. project. ever. Glue, syrofoam, candy? They were the hollandaise of childhood projects.

Since this was our first proper Christmas w/ the smallfry, I may have gone a little berzerker with the implementation of kid-friendly projects. Enter, a new take on the gumdrop wreath.

For this project I made three 8 inch wreaths and a 16 inch one. Clearly, it was mandatory to have one in every window at the front of the house! Now if I was a better blogger, I’d have a pic of the house w/ all the wreaths. I do not have this; I am a bad blogger.

Anyhoo, here’s what I used to make them:

bags of multi-colored spice drops (Meijer ran out of these mid project; I nearly died)
straw wreath forms (Michael’s)
strips of fabric (scraps from the King Tut costume)
glue gun
many many glue sticks
thin wire (H-e’s toolbox)
fat ribbon (Michael’s)

I decided to use the straw wreath forms since they were *so much* cheaper than the styrofoam ones. But they looked more than a little odd, all nude and straw-ish. So, I decided to wrap them up. That way, the straw was covered, and I had a good foundation for the gluing.

wrap it up; i'll take it.

Then, w/ a firm hold on my tendency to be OCD about colors/patterns, we glued like the wind. Or the breeze…a slow, sometimes nonexistent b/c it’s little and gets easily distracted, breeze.

grab and blue

It took awhile to do four of them…

more candy, more glue

But I got them done! Again, no finished photos, since I may have been a little harried and whatnot.

But once the wreaths were all full-up w/ gumdrops, I fastened on the wire and ribbon. I used the wire to make a big, secure, metal loop for hanging purposes. Then I hid the wire under some rather fabulous glitter ribbon. It looked similar to the ribbon on this Martha wreath.

like this, but w/ much fatter ribbon (and no popcorn, obv.)

So that’s all she wrote for Christmas projects. On to wintery things. Upon request, I may have knitted a camouflage scarf out of hideous, synthetic, camouflage patterned yarn two weekends ago. I doubt there will be a camo cameo here…ho-ly was that yarn bad!

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