curtains, round 2

After the minor insanity that was King Tut and the Mummies, sewing another round of curtains seemed like a remarkably low-key project. Doing our living room curtains has been on the projects list for a loooong time…like…maybe we bought the fabric when we were living in the old house. Part of the issue was that we were on the fence about the pattern. I mean, this fabric has a PATTERN. But I actually think it looks good w/ our crazy new couch and rocking chairs.

I made simple panels w/ 2 inch top and bottom seams and 1.5 inch side seams. Instead of doing a pole pocket, I went the way of cafe clips.

cafe clips

Good grief, those things are hard to open, though clearly that’s a good feature when you want them to hold up a bunch of fabric. It took me a while to open and space them evenly, but they do seem extremely sturdy.

cafe clips and a crooked seam. :)

The man executed Apartment Therapy’s directions for wire and turnbuckle “rods”. It was *so* much less expensive than buying actual rods and brackets. It took a lot of fiddling on his part (and a small test of his infinite patience), but he got them hung.

pattern madness

The picture is super dark, for which I obviously blame Daylight Saving Time…not my lousy photography skills, the fact that I took it w/ my phone, or that our living room could use some overhead lighting. I’m sort of digging DST, actually. It’s nice to run home and be all tucked away right as it’s getting dark. And there’s a whole season of soup-based meals to look forward to!

Of course it wouldn’t be a project if my shadow wasn’t asking to help. “Ummm…Melli…excuse me…Melli? Melli?” The penultimate helper, that one. :) Seriously though, there’s something about sewing; I always look half crazed while I’m doing it. Perhaps the absurdly giant glasses add to the crazy look? Anyhoo, the small fry was extremely psyched w/ the curtain making. When I went to pick him up at school on Monday, one of the teachers was like, “so I heard all about your curtains!”


So now I have one panel left…and maybe some bedroom curtains to do. Down w/ sheers!

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