diy chalkboard: dream a little dream (part I)

I’m so tickled with this project I want to dance around like a fool. The small fry is up on his visit this weekend, so the financier and I had a little extra time to work on the house/do some wedding planning. We were brainstorming ideas for both, when he suggested a chalkboard for keeping track of our in-house-to-dos. I mean, I’m all for Omni Focus, Evernote, reQall, and whatever all, for work and around town errands, but once we’re home I tend to close all electronic lists. A chalkboard seemed genius, as that day’s projects will be looking us directly in our collective eyeball. And I’d get to use colored chalk…every…single…day. WIN!

What I really wanted, and the man agreed, was one w/ a fancy gold frame. The problem, I soon discovered, was that what we wanted was super spendy. $100 (and more!) was too much, as a girl needs her fall semester teaching clothes. Smarty-pants over here started poking around the intertubes for directions on making a chalkboard. Then he poked around some more for a frame. Lo and behold, a new project was born.

Craigslist bestowed this fantastic frame upon us for…wait… wait…wait…nine dollars. Precisely what we wanted. So pleased!

cat in a frame

there was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile

We picked that beauty up on Friday afternoon. Today we ran by the hardware store for chalkboard paint, brushes, and some wood…and a new hanging basket of flowers b/c vacation parched mine to death. The man scored a new saw and some sawhorses in MA (thanks Bill!), so he was well equipped for the wood cutting. As I type, he’s putting the second coat of paint on. Despite my insistence that it would be ready to write on by tomorrow morning, he says I have to wait three days. If it comes out the way I think it will, I suspect we’ll be using it as part of that whole wedding decorating thing. Goes with a school theme…wouldn’t ya say? Seating chart maybe?

2 thoughts on “diy chalkboard: dream a little dream (part I)

  1. Fantastic! I love it. Cat in the frame is a beautiful photo and the guy in the other one isn’t so bad, either. xxxooo

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