going to the chapel…assuming we can build it ourselves

So the betrothed and I have a little bit of a problem. And it’s a long standing one. We are constantly under the impression that we can produce a reasonable facsimile of most items. Now this is generally a good thing…he roasts green coffee beans, so we have delicious (and remarkably cost-effective) coffee. He nurtures (and sometimes neglects) Lucy, the sourdough starter, so we have weekly bread and pizza that outdoes anything available in town. I mean, the man built a bike…out of tubes and a blow torch. He’s a consummate maker. Now me, I bake sweet things big and small, make condiments, sometimes knit, and now…sew(ish). Together we cook dinners that probably have too many steps for a weeknight, but to us, it’s worth it. Like just about everyone else in the world, our lives are busy, so making things is one of our ways of spending time together. Now I’m sure you’re all touched by our level of crafty/cooky togetherness…but here’s the problem. We’ve recently got it in our heads that it would be “fun” to put on our wedding by ourselves. Like…cook it…craft it…make the tablecloths and napkins…hunt for the old dishes at thrift stores…grow the flowers, kind of fun. My poor mother, it just has to raise her blood pressure, as she knows what I’m like when the jam’s not gelling or the cross-stitch pin cushion that’s a Christmas gift isn’t finished…and it’s Christmas Eve.

So while we’re fantasizing about a backyard wedding in Illinois, the people who know us are hoping we just rent a place, hire a caterer, and call it matrimony. The reality, I imagine, is that we’ll do something in between.

In the spirit of in between, I had a wedding decoration idea the other day, inspired by the small fry’s place mat.

A BUNTING! (though I would totally dig a chili pepper car)

So I checked on Etsy and there are all sorts of lovely buntings, but they’re selling for many more dollars than I’m willing or able to spend, particularly if we want to deck a place out w/ them. Now you already know what happened next…I decided to try to make one. After a little research on the intertubes, I decided on the version at Joyful Abode. She has clear directions and lovely pictures, so the project seemed manageable. And off to Joanne’s Fabric we went!

I invested in 6 fat quarters, some bias tape, and some matching thread. Total cost to make two 3 yard buntings…$15 plus labor. :)

The most difficult part of the project, for me, was cutting out the triangles. Clearly this is a skill I should have mastered in 2nd grade, but without the aid of a gridded cutting mat, it was more difficult than I’d imagined. But, once they were cut, I was good to go. I just sewed them together (pretty sides facing each other), on the two long sides.

I love the way a neat seam looks…

Then I ironed them all. I’m pretty sure ironing fixes most ills. Everything looks so much nicer once it’s pressed.

Then I pinned each of the sewn/pressed flaglettes into the bias tape.

Then it was just a matter of sewing along the bottom of the bias tape, making sure to catch each of the flaglettes.

I’m pretty happy w/ the result, so couldn’t resist hanging it outside…at least for now. It’s not weather proof, so perhaps I’ll just think of it as seasonal decoration.

My plant, as you can see, is unhappy w/ the weather!

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