goodbye felt balls: kid project

Happy President’s Day!  Instead of buying a car or a mattress today, I’m going to post, yet again, about felt balls.

Back when I was in wedding-project-overload-mode, I made a lot of felt balls.  My Mom also made a lot of felt balls. I think a family friend may have made some too.  After the wedding projects, I ended up w/ a serious ton of roving (which I still haven’t used) and a big bag of unused felt balls.  I decided to make some garlands for my girl-cousins for Christmas. They came out cute but barely made a dent in my stash.


I still had a bunch left.  And frankly, at this point, we’re all very much over having to hide them from the kitty-beasts who deign to share their new house with us.  Enter *yet another* take-home project from the 1st grade.  Man-alive.  So many projects.  This one was for something I had only heard about last year — something called “100 Days”.  As far as I can muster, it’s a celebration of being halfway through the school year and generally results in grown-people being asked to secure 100 of some item or another to send to school.  Well ya know what I had 100 of?  FELT BALLS.  Of course this didn’t occur to me initially, so the kid and I sat around and “brain stormed” (i.e. I offered suggestions and he said “ehhhhh” to the one’s he wasn’t keen on. He’s very diplomatic that way.) So while we had initially settled on sewing something together (in both senses), once I remembered the felt balls,  our mission was clear. 

100 Days Felt Ball Canvas

-felt balls
-small canvas
-hot glue gun
-glue sticks
-construction paper (optional)

First we cut 50 felt balls in half. And by we, I mean me, because despite his general aptitude, six year olds shouldn’t use fabric scissors to cleave dense felt balls in two. This, you realize, gave us 100 FELT BALLS. Then we fired up the glue gun and got to work.


And we glued…and we glued…and we glued. And then we glued some more.  I may never get over how much can be accomplished with hot glue.  I’m seriously, btw.

After much glueing and my failure to cut out anything resembling a  banner, we ended up with this.


The kid was pleased and turns out the teacher was to.  A+ for me him! I do think this is a reasonably cute decoration for a kid’s room (minus my weird “banner”), though I would avoid gluing anything to the perimeter.  In this case, that was the only way we could fit 100 w/o going vertical. It’s quick, inexpensive, and a fine way to use up the final part of a boatload of balls, if you happen to have such a thing.

I’ve also been working on some grown-lady projects, some that involve sanding, some that involve the yarns, and some that use the machines.  More on those soon.  For now, I’m going to relish the lack of felt balls in my life.


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