grapes of wrath: and genessee

I have a yard.

The reality only set  in two weeks ago, since I was doing my best to pretend we had no such thing. Yards generally seem big and overwhelming and potentially expensive.  Turns out, I was at least partly right. BIG (by city standards, anyway), OVERWHELMING and just kind of hanging out in the back of the house. A small and overwhelming yard in the front of the house too.  I mean, what does one even *do* with a yard, never mind two of them. The Huz was busy sketching out old-hipster-yard-plans, featuring the mainstays of gateway-city living like a chicken coop, pergola, and space for raised beds.  It’s like we’re walking stereotypes. I, on the other hand, was actively ignoring his efforts in lieu of pretty much anything else.  I know truly nothing about gardens, green things, or how to make them remain green.  In C-U I dabbled in some hanging baskets, but always forgot to water them. So they died. Always.

What I quickly discovered was that one’s yard looks kind of shabby (and not in the chic way), if you don’t do anything to it.  So last weekend we did some planting on the downslope of the front yard to help w/ erosion and ugliness. Then, this past week, my lovely mother texted to tell me she had “1000s of flowers” for me.  Free flowers…sloppy yard…I didn’t have much choice but to go out (post-several YouTube videos) and dig up a bunch of beds. Five beds (three new, two refreshed) later, I planted just about everything.



daffodils and hyacinth


Then the irises…courtesy of an excellent helper.


While I worked on the planting, the Huz worked on the neglected “way back” of the yard. Seems that the prior owners, and the one before them, and maybe the ones before them, weren’t really into raking. We found some interesting stuff in their “compost pile”. I hear that Lady Gaga speeds the rate of composting, but that’s perhaps just a rumor. Genesee definitely does.


It’s like some grapes of wrath-type work out there, but it’s beginning to come along.  I pulled up all the weird bulbed grass (onion grass?) and turned over some odd DEEP furrows. You’d think they used oxen for them.


And the Huz took down the back slope by at least a foot.  Turns out leaf-litter can really add some height.


Now to figure out what to do with the weird patchy “grass”. Given how sore I currently am, thinking that concrete is a totally reasonable option.

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