guerrilla project strike: mini-blinds hack

I had a first-world problem that I was really trying to ignore, at least until I had some extra time.  It involved several different factors, including a house that came with *twenty* white plastic mini-blinds (are there also maxi blinds? mega blinds?), curtains I made for our old place (still loved the pattern / 6 yards of upholstery fabric isn’t cheap), a distaste for tension rods, and a love of our window mouldings. Since the white plastic mini blinds were driving me batty, I did this:

sloppy windows have got to go.

I hated it.  It looks sloppy and collegiate.  I would support it as a solid choice for a 22 year old’s first apartment, but it gets a D+ for a grown-ass lady and her family.  I mean, c’mon.  Tension rods?  Plus it’s covering up the bottom section of the moulding.

I was considering a full on set of curtain rods…you know, the real kind w/ finials and brackets? Problem was, I didn’t want to drill into either the moulding, or the horsehair plaster.  After the dust that resulted from redoing the floors, I’d like to lighten up on the dust producing activities.  So I really tried to not hate the above choice.

Then, over the weekend, I just kind of freaked out.  And I made this:

it’s functional too…

It was a first-go, so not exactly how I want them.  Well, it was a first-go in which I drank a glass of wine and refused to measure anything, so that might explain some the problems.  Since I used both the old curtains and the the tacky mini-blinds for these, I solved both my problems.  It also cost zero dollars. Once I make the other two / work out some of the kinks, I’ll post a tutorial.