homesteading in east central

Well, not really since our town doesn’t allow yard birds or any other livestock, for that matter. But, lack of an actual homestead will not keep us from producing, from scratch, all manner of items that are readily available, and possibly less expensive, at our local supermarkets. Why not reinvent the wheel on any random weeknight? Think basics, people — bread and butter.

i would definitely use this dim-witted face to sell butter.

During last week’s soup night (potato leek, if you’re curious), the husband-elect baked up a loaf of sourdough. I decided that I wanted to use up the heavy cream and herbs in the fridge, so why not make some herbed butter. Totally reasonable. After getting a hold of himself that he had to share the kitchen space, the H-e cleared the way for what was pretty much the easiest project I’ve ever done.

Here’s what I used:
a Kitchen Aid w/ whisk attachment
2c heavy cream

You pour the milk into the mixer and turn it on medium.

Then you mix it more…

good for pies...

And even more…

not so good for pies...gloopy

Then something horrifying and fascinating happens…

and separate!

The cream separates into butter and buttermilk, which looks hideous and entirely inedible.

kudos to the great mind that figured out this disaster was delicious

Once the butter and buttermilk separate, wrap the solids in cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess moisture. I ran it through the Kitchen Aid once more just to be sure all the liquid was out.

I kneaded it, then added 1/2 t. kosher salt and a bunch of chopped thyme.

new medium for finger prints?

Then I took pictures of it next the lovely supper sourdough.

fresh from the 'stead

Maybe if I’m lucky, the magic elves of Chrismukkah will bring me one of these? I have sort of a history w/ odd kitchen-related gifts. Still sad that I gave away the pressure canner I asked for one year. So what if I didn’t know how to can; I knew it would come in handy one day, say, fourteen years later, when I had my rather singular mind set on making jam as wedding favors.

Oh! And in case you’re wondering about the yield. 2c. of cream yields ~1/4c. of butter and 1c. of buttermilk. My one true love has requested some buttermilk scones; I suppose I’ll oblige. :)

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