i’m back…w/ grapes.

Whew — the past week and half has been crazy, hence the lack of posts. I was out in California for some research, which was productive, eye opening, and filled w/ a lot of extremely interesting folks. The highlight of the trip was a longish discussion w/ a guy who’s successfully combining academics and advocacy. And he was helpful…and friendly! It’s always such a bright spot to find those folks.

Anyhoo, we’re getting into our new semester’s schedule, which tends towards the extremely EARLY. It’s early to the point where I’m ironing for the week in advance…you’d think I was living in the 50s, but really I just can’t send us out into the world looking rumpled. My grandmothers would be proud of the effort, if not necessarily the results. And p.s., spray starch is so much fun! That’s right, I said it. Seriously though, it’s so satisfying to use.

So far we’ve kept the food simple this week, as we try to figure out what works best on which night, especially since there’ll be a new round of swim lessons and basketball to keep up with. In the spirit of simplicity, tonight featured our old standby, cauliflower curry. *But,* and this is a huge but, we had the added benefit of grape catsup…that’s right, grape catsup. Really, I suggest thinking of it more as a chutney.

I’ve thought about this recipe probably once a week since this past May when I stumbled across it. It just sounded so…weird. And I love weird recipes, particularly ones w/ lots of unexpected fruit and spice. So when I ended up w/ all those “extra” grapes a few weeks ago, the catsup recipe just had to be made.

While I wish it was a little bit thicker, the flavor is spot-on. So far we’ve had it w/ fried potatoes and Indian food…imagine it would go well w/ grilled meat, if you do that sort of thing.

Go here and make it. Seriously. Now. Or else if you live nearby you could come over for dinner. :) We’re planning (another) party for the financier’s birthday; I’d like to find a way to work this into the menu, though no brilliant ideas just yet. He just brought a pork shoulder (7lbs!) back from the farm, so maybe on that? Not that I even know what one does w/ a pork shoulder, but that’s a different issue altogether. But hell, soon I’ll learn how to carve one out of a carcass. (!!) Think they’ll teach me how to cook it too?

Oh, and I’ve discovered that cardstock works great for labeling my jars. I don’t love the labels that come w/ the jars and have yet to put ‘cute labels’ on the projects list.

do it!

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