January (1): Swedish Visiting Cake

how amazing is that yolk color?

I eased into my 12 month baking plan w/ something super simple from Dorie Greenspan. Over the past few years, her Baking: From My Home to Yours has become a huge resource for me.  From shmancy to plain, Frenchy French to unabashedly American (FLUFF!); it has something to appeal to every kind of sweets lover. Many thanks to my MIL, who’s always buying me new cookbooks.  (This year we unintentionally gifted each other *the same* cookbook…b/c Pisces ladies do that?)

I’ve made a handful of things from Baking, all of which have been unbelievably good.  When I was dreaming up what my twelve new treats would be, this recipe immediately came to mind, in part b/c I was skeptical.  How good could something called Swedish Visiting Cake really be? Turns out, you should come visit me right now, b/c this cake is spectacular.

It’s easier and more delicious than it has any right to be.  A handful of ingredients (I used both optional extracts), a few tools, and you’ve got cake in time for supper…and breakfast…maybe some in the middle of the day.  It’s intensely almond-y, a little chewy, and a little crisp.  While shoving a piece into my face last night, I uttered: “there’s not one thing I would change about this cake”.


She’s published the recipe here, so have at it.


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