me and singer (and i don’t mean peter)

When I was a kid, my Voa (“grandmother” for those of you not from SE MA) handmade all our Halloween costumes. And by “our” I mean all the grandkids and sometimes the adults. There were pilgrims, harlequin clowns, bellydancers and “sheiks”, Dracula, and one year, at my 8 year old request, an alien. I have the best memories of my extended family all dressed up. I remember being entranced by my aunt’s pink and purple harlequin clown costume and my uncle’s black and white version. So much shiny fabric!

Here’s what I didn’t know…holy hell does it take a long time to sew a costume! Now add to this that my sewing skills are rudimentary at best, last night it became clear that I took on a bigger project than I should have. Shocker. But the small fry said he wanted to be King Tut, so King Tut he will be! It’s gendered; it’s normative; in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the biggest deal in the world…*but* I just had to handmake the costume. I guess it’s an homage to my own fam and a way of making memories for the small person. I hope he digs it!

Submitted for your amusement…hour 8 of costume making.

glamour shot

Perhaps I was a little frazzled at that point. :)

So I definitely underestimated the amount of time it would take to make a tunic, “necklace”, and headdress. The issue was cutting out all the strips of fabric, ironing the hems, then sewing them all together. Remarkably time consuming! Plus silky shiny fabric is kind of a pain to sew. But I’m proud to say that it actually looks pretty good.

Finishing up the headdress strips

I have to do some adjustments once we bring the small fry back this afternoon. My concern is that the headdress is going to be too heavy for him, so I’m trying to figure out a way to attach it to a hat or a hood, that way he can take it on and off at will. So adjustments, a hem on the tunic, some elastic in the belt, and maybe some golden wristbands and we’re good to go.

Well…sort of good to go. I may have committed to making the man and I some mummy costumes too. I guess mummy is a good choice; the wrapping will hide my dark circles. Heh.

More pics to come!

One thought on “me and singer (and i don’t mean peter)

  1. Looks like the cat was trying to help. Voa started the costumes in Sept. and worked on them from morning till night and she knew how to sew. I think the hardest one was jake’s purple dinosaur. I have fond memories of my belly dancing costume. I never knew what a homemade costume was growing up. Rosie the Robot I wore until it was to small.
    Then nana suggested I be a hobo. lol

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