November (7): Rice Pudding

When’s the last time you thought about rice pudding…if ever? For me it was sometime in the early 90’s.  After I moved away from southeastern MA and most things Portuguese-American, I didn’t really have much reason to think about it.  At least until a few weeks ago, when someone I know learned that he was a huge fan.  Such a fan that he asked the owner for her recipe.  Such a fan that my mother assigned it to us as part of our Thanksgiving tasks.

She even managed to dig up my Tia Francis’ recipe and the story that went with it. Tia Francis, my paternal great aunt,  didn’t measure when she cooked. Not surprising, but kind of a chore to give someone else a recipe. My mother and aunt spent the afternoon w/ her, some 30 years ago, learning to making it and, thankfully, WRITING IT DOWN.

N.B.  go cook w/ the older folks in your life and write down their recipes. You won’t regret it.

While I won’t share this recipe w/ you, I will say that it is a fairly traditional arroz doce. Delicious and sweet as all get-out.   It received a thumbs up from a newly minted connoisseur.

Almost December and five more recipes to go!






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