pies (and turkey and crafts and stuff)

Thanksgiving is coming early to Chez Melli this year. While I’m disappointed that we won’t make it out to MA, (my first time ever!) I’m fully psyched to make dinner for my two fav fellows. We’ll be celebrating a day earlier than most folks, which is fine by us. The husband-elect and I have decided to do mimosas / books / boardgames on Thursday. It’ll be nice to have an unwind day after all this cooking!

So, today I brined a turkey (my first time ever!). I have to say, while I fully enjoyed my few bites of cured meat the other day (La Quercia prosciutto), meat eating just isn’t my thing. The bird and I hashed it out today…and I’m just not an omnivore. Yet, I’ve been so deeply enculturated to the “proper” Thanksgiving foodstuffs that I couldn’t have our first one t/g be turkey-free. But it’s “local”! That makes it ethical, right? ;)

brine, bird, bucket (and my periodic table socks)

After the bird, I moved on to apple pie. We’ve had our share of the best-apple-pie-ever-made (3 this fall), so I tried out something different — plain apple. Yep, plain. But I decided on a lattice crust to spruce it up a bit. They’re far easier than they look! It was just a matter of rolling out a 2nd crust, cutting into strips, then weaving them t/g (after filling the pie crust w/ the apple…but you knew that). I stuck the strips in the freezer for a bit b/f the weave, just to be sure they didn’t tear.



i love pastry wheels!

Then get your weave going!

over / under / over / repeat

Then turn the edges from the bottom crust over and crimp.

crimped...but not w/ an iron.

This pie took exactly forever to bake. I abhor crunchy apples inside a pie, so cooked it until they were gooey. It took ~40 extra minutes. I used foil to avoid a charred crust disaster.

and done!

So that pie’s done, a pumkin pie, cranberry sauce, and apple sauce are done, the coffee’s currently roasting, the turkey is brining, the potatoes and stuffing are in the fridge, and the custard for the ice cream is doing whatever it is that custard needs to do. As you can see, I don’t handle the ice cream.

“All” that’s left for tomorrow is iron the tablecloth and napkins, roast the bird and make the gravy (two kinds!), biscuits, and hashed brussels. Oh, and set up the pickle, canned black olive, and canned cranberry sauce “relish tray”. I can’t have the meal w/o them! I think that’s it; I’m probably forgetting something!

Oh! And I can’t wait for us to set the table w/ pretty much the best craft idea I’ve ever implemented! The poor H-e was getting hand cramps from all the cutting. He needs to work on his craft endurance.

It’s tough to pose for a photo when “the game is on”. Talk about being enculturated!

placemat project! (and way too much flash)

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