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March (3): Sticky Toffee Pudding

Well, I snuck (sneaked?) this one in under the wire yesterday.

My plan was to get some vintage madeline pans while we were away last weekend, but instead we were wooed by gold-leaf barware, tiered tea carts, and an Abe Lincoln doll.  After that (and b/c I only saw new ones), I gave up on the pans.  But no pans meant no (baking) plan for March.

Then, yesterday, I was struck by the pressing need to rid myself of ALL those dates from Costco.  My first choice was ma’moul, but they were too labor-intensive for a Tuesday.  I poked around Smitten Kitchen for a while (can’t believe I’ve been reading her since ’07!) and came up w/ what turned out to be an absolute gem — sticky toffee pudding.  I may have cooked the sauce a little too long, b/c I also decided to ad lib on her shakshuka recipe too…

Other than making me spend too much time wondering about the the UK usage of “pudding,” this recipe was super easy.  It’s quick enough for a weeknight dessert (“afters”?) and has a fairly basic ingredients list…especially if you keep 4 lbs of dates in your fridge.

The only thing I added was some vanilla ice cream, in lieu of the whipped cream. It violates my internalized whipped cream hierarchy of use.

sticky toffee pudding by Melliroo

February (2): Shaker Lemon Tart

This winter all the snow came to Massachusetts, which has meant so many workouts — physical shoveling workouts and mental commuting-on-the-MBTA workouts. But, it’s also meant extra days off, which I’ve tried to use wisely for fun and projects.

We snuck in some expert-level sledding,


and made another recipe for my 12 treats resolution.

This time I opted for lemons, in the form of Tartine’s Shaker Lemon Pie (but really it’s a tart) (pg 69). Several years ago I had the best almond croissant at their bakery in SF. It’s one of those food experiences that’s stuck with me, so when they published their first two cookbooks, the Huz and I were all over them. While I wish the book’s editor would’ve insisted on less precious writing, the recipes can’t be beat.

The tart was easy enough — a two-layer crust: Shaker Lemon Tart by Melliroo

Some thinly sliced, macerated lemons:

Shaker Lemon Tart by Melliroo

A couple of eggs, then pour it into the crust:

Shaker Lemon Tart by Melliroo


Top w/ the second crust, a little egg wash, and some demerara sugar:

Shaker Lemon Tart by Melliroo


Then bake it off:

Shaker Lemon Tart by Melliroo


The result was a crispy crust and a pleasantly jam-like filling. I was so pleased that it wasn’t too eggy, despite the four eggs. Perhaps Mom’s super-fresh eggs did the trick, or else the lemon killed the egginess. Not sure.

I loved the pieces of rind, but can see how not everyone would be a fan.  I think using a mandoline for extra-thin slices or switching to Myer lemons would make the rinds seem less rind-y.  The dessert becomes magically kid-friendly, when they’re allowed to manually extract the rinds from their mouths. Super classy, I know.  :)

Shaker Lemon Pie – Tartine cookbook, pg 69
Flakey Pie Crust,  Tartine cookbook, pg 194