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new knitting: stripey duffle coat

I recently wrapped up a new commuter-knitting project — Kate Oates’ Stripey Duffle Coat.   One of the side-benefits of commuting — plenty of knitting time.  Tends to keep away seatmates who worry about getting poked too. :)

When I first saw this pattern on Ravelry, I couldn’t resist buying it.   And boy, you really get what you pay for. It’s basically  perfect; I want to knit it over and over again. The sizing on the pattern is wonderful (I ad libbed 3/4 sleeves) and the hood is the cutest. I have a few others in the queue for one of the many babes that have arrived of late.

It took me a bit to get the the first 20 rows correct, mostly b/c I wasn’t paying attention.  I ended up ripping it back twice, before I got the increases right.

Despite not being ah huge fan of acrylic yarn, that’s what I went with. These days I’m liking it better than super-wash.  Knitpicks Brava was totally reasonable as far as acrylic goes, plus the colors are much nicer than what’s available in the box stores.  Special-washing a sweater probably isn’t at the top of new parents’ to-do lists. ;)

You should go knit this.