there is a such thing as too much DIY

My crafting has been slowed recently.  So very many essays and exams to correct! The last wedding decoration prototypes I made were a felted ball garland and teeny felted ball “flowers” for the husband-elect’s boutonniere. I decided to felt the balls myself, out of roving, to avoid spending a zillion dollars on already made versions (which were lovely, mind you) *and* from spending a half a zillion dollars on pre-made felt balls. I can barely articulate how much I hate wasting money on things that I’m so sure (too sure?) I can make myself.  But then, per usual, I got crabby about how much roving costs. I mean, 3 ounces of roving for $12 dollars? Silliness. That was only enough to make two garlands and some test boutonnieres…and to account for the series of botched balls I made. So I had an entirely “brilliant” idea. Mom could send the wool from her sheep off to be processed! I mean, who wouldn’t want wool from these babies?

stonehill's twins

Alas, I’ve thought better of this harebrained scheme. Or more accurately, I’ve been gently pointed in another direction. Turns out that the mill where she has had her wool processed in the past also sells roving.  For cheap! I ordered a boatload of it late last week, so it should be here soon. I suspect it’ll be all (household) hands on deck for felt ball production, b/c we needs lots of them.

These were the test run. It took me a bit to get them how I wanted…no cracks and fuzzy-looking. For the final ones, thinking I’ll string them on hemp twine rather than yarn. The yarn makes the garland too wobbly/shapeless. Though that might have more to do w/ my use of  fingering weight yarn. Not sure.


I like how it came out, but I do need to find a way to keep the balls in place better. Hopefully the twine will solve that problem too.

garlands...first and second attemptI’ll post directions once the new batch of roving arrives. Ya know, if case anyone wants to follow along at home (i.e. make felt balls for me to use!). Piecework for all! If only I could pay you union wages.

I also need to figure out what’s missing for the bout. Mom says greens, but I think that might look odd. Is it a size issue? A number of felt-y bobbles issue? I also don’t love the color ribbon, but it was all I had lying around…except for purple glitter…so ya know, green seemed better.

missing something?

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