Weekend DIY: repurposing a vintage console

The Huz and I share an abiding love for old stuff, one that apparently developed independent of each other. When we met, he didn’t think it was strange that I’d been toting a semi-burned out (fantastically pink) 50s dinette set between multiple cities and various apartments. In turn, I thought it was perfectly reasonable that his favorite piece of furniture was an orange vinyl chair / ottoman combo. Ours is a love constructed of vinyl and immune to the stale cigarette smoke…or something.

Since we’re both prone to accumulating,  having secured a big house and garage  is a huge terrifying liability boon, as we can now stow things for later use.  This weekend we lucked into a fantastic (and free!) 1960s stereo console. We spent the first part of Saturday hauling it from a tenement building that was a few towns over. There’s something odd about moving someone’s discarded furniture from their tenement to your own.  It was so old-hipster it hurt.

There’d been talk of wanting to turn one of these into a bar / sideboard for the dining room, but…well…all this new-found storage meant it might not happen until some other day. I figured we would store the console in the garage for awhile.

But then…

project ninja husband descended on the console, cleaned it, ripped out the guts, and tah-dah…new bar / sideboard for us. I’m absolutely thrilled with it.

Console w/ doors closed…

vintage console

with opened doors…

vintage console
And a better, uber-filtered pic from the project ninja.

vintage console

My big contribution to this project was helping tote it from one point to the next and adding some interest to the top.  I’m so pleased to have a spot for my grandmother’s lazy susan!  And I know they’re super trendy, but I’m enamored with air plants.


I bet you $5 you can find a free (or nearly so) vintage console in your hood in under a week…ready, set, go!


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