What about Melinda?


I’m Melinda. Or Mel, or Melli, or Melliroo. I’m also probably a whole host of other, less flattering names. But as with everything, context is key.

This is me, right b/f the rush of nausea caused by a spinning tea cup.


I’m what you might call a project-dabbler — sewing, knitting, jam, diy wedding and house projects.  I’m not happy unless I have at least a few projects underway. I’m also an editor, a reformed quasi-academic (i.e. a PhD student who quit / former community college instructor), a wife, and a full-time stepmom.  I fantasize about DIYing for a living, but hear the benefits are lousy and the union is weak. So, until I hit on some absurdly lucrative fabric-based idea, I’ll continue to chip away at my projects and to write painfully detailed tutorials.  Because, while there are many things worse than a badly written tutorial, it sure doesn’t seem like it when you’re in the middle of using one.

Shoot me a line if you have questions or comments about anything I post.