when life hands you lemons,

I suggest you use them in the sour-cream-based crust of a caramelized onion and squash galette. While the first part of yesterday ranked up there with other hits like failed root canals, bug infestations, and sick puppies, the rest of the day was actually pretty swell. I suspect there was some kind of foil-effect going on, but I gladly took it!

Last night’s dinner was the caramelized onion / squash / fontina galette from SK. The man and I were on a galette kick last fall and winter. The kick appears to have some staying power, b/c the galette was just as good as I remembered. I’d forgotten until tonight when I was pleating the crust, but this was the “hey you’re ABD!!!” dinner I made for him last year…that and a bottle of wine that was maybe a little more than I should have spent. But you only get to be ABD once, right? [squelch joke about people who stay ABD forever]

exhausted but victorious...and w/ some rockin hair. :)

So…galette! Check out last night’s pre-baked version on my favorite, if trashed, cutting board.

does Ikea still make this cutting board?

I won’t repost the recipe, as it’s all right here on SK — http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/10/butternut-squash-and-caramelized-onion-galette/

Two suggestions tho, 1) omit or drastically reduce the salt in the caramelized onions. I always forget to do it and always wish I’d remembered, and 2) buy the fresh sage. The dried one just doesn’t cut it here.

Ok, onward and upward to some exam reading!

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