yum: back to the almond milk (chia pudding “recipe”)

Ok, back to the underwhelming almond milk. Turns out it’s an excellent ingredient. Not sure why, but using it as such (not, like, as an “ingredient” in a bowl of cereal) really highlights its better qualities.  Case in point and my latest obsession:  chia seeds + almond milk (i.e. chia pudding).

Upon 30 second of reflection, I realized I’m kind of a food-vitamin-and-beauty-product-faddist. I’ve tried all sorts of things, w/ variable results. There was the hideous green vitamin drink that I insisted on consuming, despite it making me feel wretched (bad result), then there was the $40 “shampoo” that makes my hair kind of awesome (good result). Last week I moved on to chia seeds. I’ve basically become a chia pudding pusher. It’s seedy! It’s gelatinous! And all the experts (ahem) on the intertubes tell me it’s all sorts of healthy.  I’ve eaten some for breakfast everyday this week. The huz points out that this might be overkill, but is probably better than my usual practice of 5am coffee with a heaping side of no food. The pudding also registers just over zero on both the time and difficulty scales.

Overnight Chia Pudding (~2 servings, depending on your mood)

– 3T chia seeds (I used whole, ground must work too

– 1 – 1 1/2 c. almond milk (or other liquid)

– a container and something to whisk with

– extras: sweetener / fruit / whatever

Put seeds in container. Add liquid. Whisk. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Whisk again. Cover and put in fridge. Next morning add extras. Consume jello-y goodness.

tah-dah (plus blueberries)!

I also made one w/ mango nectar. Looked disturbingly like frog eggs; tasted great.



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